S & S’s giro d’Italia

Here’s a recap of our recent jaunt around Italy. It’s a country bursting with amazing places, so it was impossible for us to see everything in two-and-a-half-weeks (we skipped Florence and Venice), but we packed in a fair bit.

Palermo I’d wanted to visit Sicily for so long and what better place to start than the capital? Palermo is an assault on the senses. It’s noisy, chaotic and relentless… and that’s just the traffic. Norman, Arabic and Phoenician influences are everywhere (Sicily has been conquered by many) and there’s so much to look at. Palermo doesn’t have many major attractions like Rome and Milan it’s a city for visiting and living. We spent four nights here but I could have stayed for weeks. Oh, did I mention I had the best espresso of my life here? What a city!

Our hotel on Via Roma – right in the thick of it.

L1003904 L1003909
L: Sword fish that stopped us in our tracks! R: A chaotic flea market just down the road.

L1003920 L1003928
L: Arancini balls. R: Tonight’s seafood selection.

L1003946 L1003944
Pane con la milza (spleen sandwich) – a Palermo street specialty.

Dinner in the back streets.

L1003937 L1003938
L: Teatro Massimo – where the Godfather trilogy came to a messy conclusion. R: Outside the theatre…

L1003978 L1004000
A lovely afternoon/evening at Mondello beach.

L1004002 L1004012
The train to/from Sicily goes on a ferry between the island and the mainland!

Naples –  Loud, dirty and unruly, Naples is a city with a seedy reputation that’s somewhat unjustified. We stayed in a rough neighbourhood just down from central station but didn’t feel threatened at any time, even when walking back at night. Naples’ best asset is the UNESCO old town. We took a hairy walk down Spaccanapoli (the main street), which is jammed with traders pushing trolleys of goods and scooters zipping around pedestrians. Via San Gregorio Armenio (the street of the Nativity) is also something to behold. Having said all of that, Naples was our least favourite stop-over. It’s not a bad place by any means, we just had more fun elsewhere. It was a great base to explore Pompeii though!

L1004095 L1004094
L: Naples’ old town. R: Kids play football in this makeshift field every afternoon.

Mt Vesuvius – the volcano which buried Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79.

L1004046 L1004048 L1004036
A day at Pompeii.

Rome We don’t usually visit big attractions, but with Rome of course we made an exception. I thought we might be selling ourselves short with only three nights there, but it was pretty much spot on. It seems that everywhere you look in Rome, there’s something to see… You’d need weeks to cover it all. I was so buggered on our last night that I passed on seeing the Pope!

IMG_2716 IMG_2717
L: Near the Spanish Steps in the middle of a massive downpour. R: Riding the bus home.

L1004228 L1004123 L1004145
L: The Colosseum. C: The Pantheon. R: Looking down town.

L1004135 L1004214
L: Coffee at the famous Caffè Sant’Eustachio. R: Tazza D’Oro – another lauded coffee spot.

L1004199 L1004206 L1004162
L: Vatican City. C: The queue for St. Peter’s Basilica. R: Dusk falls.

L1004246 L1004265
Siobhan was blessed by the Pope!

Siena –  This has to be Italy’s prettiest city! We spent most of our stay exploring the myriad streets inside the walls, but you could visit Siena and just walk about and still fall in love with the place. A mandatory stop on anyone’s Tuscan itinerary.

Good morning Tuscany!

L1004282 L1004295
L: Duomo di Siena (Siena Cathedral). R: Weathered iron.

L1004281 L1004316 L1004325
L: Outside a very cool meat shop with a real hog’s head! C: Porcini mushrooms. R: What a gelato display!

Piazza del Campo – this is the nicest public square I’ve visited in Europe.

L1004334 IMG_2766
L: Pretty as a picture. R: New hat from Siena!

Rapallo The Italian Riviera promised so much but all we got was bucketloads of rain and wind. It was a good thing we only booked two nights here the weather shut down the famous cable car to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro and swimming was out of the question. We took the bus down to Santa Margherita Ligure but it was howlin’ I tell you! Look at my hair!

IMG_2749 L1004340
Santa Margherita Ligure – a rough day for sightseeing!

Wet and windy on the Italian Riviera.

IMG_2764 L1004378
L: The sun tries to break through. R: Rapallo’s Castello sul Mare (Castle-on-the-Sea).

Next time we’ll be coming to you from southern France. If you like animals you won’t want to miss this!


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